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Air Compressors In China

At AGKNX we take pride in our technology experts who give their output to produce top notch products, specially manufactured to provide optimum work. Our specialist designs, manufactures, and develops air compressors that are extremely productive and deliver pure pressurized air. Moreover, being the largest producer of specialised machinery we take responsibility to provide you with kinds of air compressors including scroll compressor, screw compressor, oil free compressor and oilless compressor. 

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Air compressor

Air compressors are the most common pneumatic devices. They take power and turn it into potential energy in a pressurized tank, which is then released with extreme force when necessary. During the operation, the compression tool forces compressed gas into storage tanks until the tank’s pressure reaches its engineered upper limit, and the air compressor shuts off, and that compressed gas is stored in the tank for further use.

Scroll compressor in China

A scroll compressor is a variant of compressing device, they are basically used in residential central heat pumps and air conditioning systems, as well as automotive superchargers. This powerful device produces high-pressure compressed gas from low-pressure refrigerants using the principles of rotational energy conversion. Furthermore, they use rotating blades to create high pressure while still consuming little power when compared with normal piston compressor pumps.

Traditionally the compressed air was only used in the refrigeration field, however, now the uses have been extended a lot more.

Screw compressors in China

Rotary-screw compressors are another type of mechanical, gas compression machine that uses a rotational mechanism to produce compressed air. Their technology is based on the traditional principle of rotating positive displacement and they’re commonly used in industrial settings when more pressure is required to be added for large refrigeration cycles such as chillers, etc.

Oil-free compressors in China

The oil-free air compressor pump is unlike all other traditional pumps. During the compressing process, the compressor does not get into contact with any trace of oils, which gives the entire system a high degree of purity.

Since the compressor’s chamber doesn’t come into direct contact with oil particles this earns a myriad of benefits, such as pure, uncontaminated air, while reducing the risks of inhalation thereof.

Oilless compressors in China The oil-less compressor is a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to obtain pure vacuum. During the operation, this compressor doesn’t require any oil as fluid, which reduces the risk of contamination. Due to this benefit, the oilless air compressor option has emerged as a great choice for places that employ the use of fresh, pure, hygienic, and clean air. Aside from providing hygienic air, the compressor also doesn’t emit any harmful gases which is an added advantage for the environment.