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       Screw alveolar gas enters through the intake port. When the star wheel and screw spline engagement, star tooth surface of the body and the screw alveolar space formed by a closed, forming a compression chamber, completed the process of breathing. 

       With the rotation of the screw, decreasing the volume of the compression chamber, the gas is compressed, the compression process is completed when the leading edge of the compression chamber communicated with the exhaust port. 


       Compression chamber front and exhaust vents turn after the start until after completion of the compression chamber through the exhaust port, complete the discharge process. Since the two star wheels arranged symmetrically on both sides of the screw, when the screw rotation, each of its two cogging completed intake – compression – exhaust cycle, therefore, the screw 6 cogging can be done 12 times above cycle.


  A single screw compressor screw engageable with two or more star-wheel. Screw and star wheel can be classified according to their cylindrical shape (C) and planar (P). Both types can be constituted by four kinds of single screw compressor: PC type, PP type, CP and CC. CP is the most commonly used type. 
       (a) PC-type (b) PP type (c) CP type (d) CC type 

       CP-type single screw compressor: 
       CP-type single screw compressor consists of a cylindrical screw 4 and the two symmetrical planar star wheel configuration consisting of 2 pair of meshing pair, mounted within the housing 1. Screw screw slot chassis cavity (8 cylinder) and the top surface of the tooth star constitute the working volume. In operation, power to the screw shaft 5, rotation of the screw driven by the star wheel. Gas from the suction chamber into the screw slot 7, after a compressed-air cylinder on the exhaust discharged from the discharge chamber 3 through 6. On the casing liquid discharge hole is opened, the oil, water or cooling liquid injected into the working volume, for sealing, cooling and lubrication. Screw usually has six grooves, each star wheel separating it into upper and lower spaces, each implement intake, compression, exhaust work. Since there are two star-wheel screw rotation produces 12 per compression cycle, and therefore the equivalent of a six-cylinder double-acting piston compressor. 



Service commitment:
       Build customer computer user files; according to user requirements to guide the installation, commissioning; on-site training user personnel; regular home inspection, home cleaning, maintenance and servicing equipment. After receiving user notification, make reply within one hour, arrived at the scene within 12 hours of the user, all year round.

Spare parts supply:
       1. Km.ssor company policy, all accessories and services provided by the Company, to enjoy quality assurance and machine parts, is the warranty period, the product manufacturing quality problems or human damage, by the company responsible for the replacement or repair;
       2. The company has the most professional spare parts warehouse to ensure timely supply of spare parts the user.


Km.ssor Water lubrication oil-free screw compressor maintenance 
       ☆Check and record the water level before starting and during normal operation. 
       ☆Inspection records of the compressor discharge temperature, such as higher than 60 ℃, should contact the manufacturer. 
       ☆Inspection records for leaks, abnormal noise, etc., contact the manufacturer of any abnormality. 
       ☆Record total daily running time and load time. Periodic replacement water filter cartridge. Periodic replacement of the air filter. 

       Km.ssor Micro-oil screw compressor maintenance 
       ☆Check the oil level before starting and during operation is normal. 
       ☆Check the compressor discharge temperature, such as higher than 93 ℃, to clean the radiator. 
       ☆Check whether the oil spill, abnormal noise and, if abnormal timely response. 
       ☆Clean the machine once a day, to ensure that the machine is free of dust, oil. 
       The first 500 hours of operation to replace oil, oil filters, air filters, for the first maintenance. After the regular oil change, oil filter, oil separator, air filter. 

       1.This machine is strictly prohibited reversed, turning the compressor must be checked for compliance before the first boot. 
       2.Unit must be grounded, or it may have a major accident. 
       3.Not be changed without the written permission of the manufacturer to set parameters, or it may have a major accident. 
       4.Km.ssor En must replace original parts and lubricants, or it may have a major accident and loss of free warranty.