Secretary of the county party committee Li Changming and his entourage visited our company


On the morning of January 5, 2021, Li Changming, secretary of the Sanmen County Party Committee, and his entourage visited our company. Our company's general manager Xu Daomin and the leaders of various departments extended a warm welcome to Secretary Li's arrival.

Secretary Li Changming and his party first visited our company’s production workshop and carefully inquired about the production and operation status of our company. Secretary Li Changming listened to Mr. Xu’s introduction to the company’s products, and learned about the new product development, application areas and market share of our company. In-depth exchanges on possession, future development plans, etc. Secretary Li Changming affirmed the achievements of our company's technology research and development and product sales, and hoped that our company will continue to strengthen independent innovation, overcome difficulties, inject more scientific and technological innovation into products, and make further efforts to occupy and lead the market.

Secretary Li Changming requested that relevant departments strengthen communication and docking with enterprises, timely understand their needs, accurately formulate assistance measures, implement various policies that benefit enterprises, and overcome difficulties and seek common development with enterprises. At the same time, he also encouraged companies to turn pressure into motivation and challenges into opportunities, further strengthen their confidence in development, strengthen independent innovation, jointly make the industries bigger and stronger, in order to have the right to speak for future development.