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Vacuum pumps are pretty much an essential addition to industries. Certainly, nowadays it’s tough to find any chemical or process plant where the vacuum is not employed to maximize efficiency. However, with the advancement of technology, it’s not just limited to this, it has stretched its application way more.

In some cases, a vacuum is used to lower the temperature so that reactions are more gentle and good for the product. Whereas in instances, a vacuum is utilized to provide variations in pressures – that can be leveraged for specific purposes in an operation.

Some of the common applications of liquid ring vacuum pumps are:

Automobile industry  

There is a wide range of applications in the automobile industry for which the liquid ring vacuum pump is employed, some of them are – engine testing, vacuum filling of power steering, brake fluid, and carburetor testing.

Brewing industry

In the brewing industry, the pumps are used for – vacuum deaeration of makeup water, bottle filling under vacuum, and during the fermentation process of (air agitation) yeast and malt, the pump is used as a compressor.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for large-scale applications. They are either used as vacuum pumps or as compressors. The application includes vacuum deaeration of caustic solution, vacuum exhausting on resin kettles, filtration, cooling, filling, crystallizing, concentrating, vacuum distillation of synthetic resins and fatty acid, deaeration of solids and liquids and to create exhaust gas compression and vacuum on chemical reactors & other processes.

Pharmaceutical industry

From the drying laboratory, vapor recovery, house vacuum, solvent recovery to pneumatic transfer, and everything in between entirely relies on the unbeatable reliability of the liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Food industry

Generally, the applications in the food industry are geared to the eviction of water/moisture and these pumps are the best fit, as they do the job without any risk of contamination. So, the uses encompass – degasification of mineral water, bottling industry, sterilizing of tea and spices, sausage production, dehydration, deodorizing of salad oil and fats, production of sweets, concentrating fruit juice, adjusting the boiling point of water during cooking, flash cooling after a food item has been cooked, and power conveying are some of the uses.

Besides, the pump is also used in the dairy industry for flash cooling milk, agitation, and aeration, deodorization of milk, and also in an automatic milking machine.

Petroleum industry

Vapor recovery from storage tanks, vacuum-cleaning & filling of barrels, filtration for dewaxing, priming the pumps, and carbon dioxide recovery are some of the common applications where the pumps are utilized.

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