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Industrial vacuum pumps are an essential piece of equipment for any commercial or industrial facilities. They come in a variety of types, perfectly suitable for different types of work – heavier-duty models can be used as air compressors to power other equipment while lighter-duty ones may be fitted with filters that remove dust from the environment. From hospitals, factories, restaurants, to whatever you need it for, there’s likely an appropriate model out there just waiting for you!

Below is more about each type so you know which one will work best at your company:

Rotary vane pump

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most popular in the automotive and aerospace industries. These industrial-grade units come with a variety of high-capacity models, which can effortlessly handle different levels of demands depending on the horsepower it has. High powered units are typically used for commercial purposes while low power ones may be more popular among homeowners looking to save money or people who just want something that is less powerful because they have limited space to store their unit

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

In the vacuum world, liquid ring vacuum pumps are like an upgraded version of rotary vane pumps or screw pumps that are low friction because the rotor and vanes for this design comprise an integral part and that churn up to form what becomes your compression-chamber seal. The pump is driven by induction power, which doesn’t require any sealing surfaces to work. This means it can handle corrosive liquids with ease!

Reciprocating pump

A reciprocating pump is one of the oldest, most dependable pump technologies. Today they are made from many different types of materials and used for many different applications in industries such as chemical, petrochemical pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. A reciprocating vacuum pump’s efficiency ranges around 90% with a high durability factor. Besides, they are ideal for high pressure, low flow applications, such as water jet cutting.

Dry claw vacuum pumps

Dry claw vacuum pumps are perfect pumps for even the most demanding job. They are used across the packing, printing, wood processing and wastewater management industries due to their strength and efficiency. These pumps efficiently provide a high-level of performance with minimal noise and are considered highly safe as it utilizes twin rotors that rotate in opposite circles without ever coming into contact; these dry claw vacuum pumps may be an optimal choice for their various applications!

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