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User notice:

When choosing a vacuum pump, the correct selection directly affects the service life of the vacuum pump and the benefits of the user enterprise.

In practice, it has been shown that in the same working state, whether the selection is correct or not, the service life of the vacuum pump is several times, tens of times or even hundreds of times different, so we especially remind:

XNUMX. No matter what kind of vacuum pump you choose, please refer to the sample.It can also be recommended by professionals and technicians to obtain satisfactory results.

XNUMX. If you need our assistance in model selection, please provide the following information as much as possible:

1. Working vacuum.

2. The pumping time when the working vacuum is reached.

3. The volume of the vacuum system (or vacuum tank).

4. The name, temperature and concentration of the gas medium being pumped.

5. Whether it is flammable, explosive and toxic gas and its pH.

6. Whether the gas and liquid discharged by the pump need to be recovered.

7. Whether there are special requirements for the shaft seal of the vacuum pump, the motor and other supporting parts.


Technical Services:
Provide free pre-sale technical consultation, technical support and after-sale technical services
Provide free training for users' operation and maintenance personnel
The complete set of equipment can be commissioned and other technical services

After sales service:
The company's products can be used normally according to the requirements of the instruction manual. If quality problems are found, please call or write at any time to reply or send people to the scene within 24 hours of the province and 48 hours outside the province.
The quality of the company's products is implemented in accordance with industry standards and instructions. The warranty period is one year and three guarantees are implemented.
Strictly implement the "Contract Law" and assume responsibility for breach of contract.
For the purchase of vulnerable parts of equipment, you can call, write, entrust and send on your behalf

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