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At AGKNX we are the specialists in designing, manufacturing, and producing machinery of high quality which are capable of providing optimum work. With our consistency and hard work we have earned the position of largest Chinese vacuum pump producers, our inventory includes – roots vacuum pump, rotary piston vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pump, screw air compressor, scroll air compressor, oil-free compressor, oilless compressor, root vacuum pump, and air compressors.

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Vacuum pumps in China

A vacuum pump is a device that draws gas molecules out of the sealed volume to create an area with lower pressure. Basically, the job of this vacuum pump is to generate absolute vacuums in large capacities.

Depending on the different types of need and uses, vacuum pumps are classified into four main categories, that are:

  • Root vacuum pump
  • Rotary piston pump
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Rotary vane pump

Roots vacuum pump in China

A Roots vacuum pump is one of the oldest types of rotary volumetric vacuum pumps. The design of this pump has evolved from the blower design, with its structure and working functions being similar to those of the Roots Blowers. This type of vacuuming system is mostly used where large pumping speeds are required within pressure ranges between 10-1000Pa so it’s been widely popularized by metallurgical applications such as welding or metal cutting operations because they demand high volumes at low pressures over long periods without any external power input.

Rotary piston pump in China

A rotary piston pump is a self-priming reversible positive displacement pump that is designed to efficiently operate even in high volume oils, viscous fluids such as resins, or other fuel. Rotary piston pumps typically handle up to 20,000cst and temperatures up to 300°C

During the operation, the pump rotates on its axis that keeps moving back and forth along the grooves touching each end. The groves draw liquid into the inlet of the pump, this also enables the pump to self-prime and deliver productive work. 

Liquid ring vacuum pump in China

A liquid ring pump is a rotating positive displacement machine. They are typically used as a vacuum pump, but it has a gas pumping mechanism that can also be used as a compressor. The function of this contraption is similar to that of the rotary vane pumps; with the difference being that instead of vanes running through it passively and scraping against each other to form compression chambers for air/gas passing in between them. Besides, the pump has an integral part -a ring filled with fluid- which churns around at high speeds so when they touch, there’s comparatively low friction.

Rotary vane pump in China

A Rotary vane pump is the most commonly used spinning machine that utilizes air pressure to force liquids. Unlike other pumps, they work by using airflow and not water flow as an old-style plunger or syringe does. This consists of a van mounted to the rotor which rotates inside the cavity. These pumps have been around for centuries and are widely used in automobiles as high-pressure hydraulic fluid pumps but also found in soft drink dispensers and coffee machines, etc.