At present, in the context of sluggish global economic growth and slow domestic economic growth, the total demand in the air compressor industry is decreasing gradually. Under the application of assembly line  high efficiency automation production equipmentincreasing the capacity is a pice of cake, supply is beyond the requimentproducts are unsalable. Price of normal compressor fall and fall again, there is no lowest but lower. Compared to it, there are some prices of compressors which is still popular with high technplogy and high difficulty not fall. For example, some products with high technology and high difficulty such as centrifugal machine, oil-free compressor, high pressure oil-free piston compressor and diaphragm compressor. All these phenomenons indicate that only the products inorporated with high and new technology content can keep vitali, gain profits and stay vantage point in the competition.

In 1960, B.Zimmern put forward the concept of single screw compressor and got patented. The first prototype was trial produced in 1962, and Peugeot Automobile was put on the market in the early 1970s.

As one of the main models of compressors,single screw compressor has advantages on its structure principle,multiple exhaust times per revolution, balanced bearing force of shaft, long service life,Once upon a time, oil injection single screw compressor had a high market share, many manufacturers reached a hundred of millions or even hundreds of millions of annual sales, occupying half of the whole compressor industry. Later, it shrank year by year. Up to now, the market share of oil injection single screw compressor has been very small. I think everyone has experienced this process personally.What causes the oil injection single screw compressor market to decline year by year? It is the result for survival of the fittest,the performance-price ratio decline of the single screw oil injection products compared with that of the twin screw compressor. In addition, I think there are several factors as follows:

1After the introduction of foreign rotor grinder and precision machining center by twin-screw production enterprises, the large-scale production of twin-screw air end, performance and reliability has been greatly improved, and the production cost has been rapidly reduced, while the single screw production enterprises have no significant breakthrough in the efficiency and accuracy of processing engine bed, and the production capacity has not been expanded, which directly leads to the decline of performance-price ratio and increases the cost of single screw machines and lost competitiveness.

2For a long time,the problem of starwheel wearing has perplex the quality of single screw, it has not been solved completely, and the gas production will decrease soon after using for some time.Therefore, single screw compressor has no advantage in the price cost,it has performance problems, it will inevitably lead to less and less market share.

In fact, the problem of star wheel wear of single screw compressor can be solved. In the case that the profile of the star wheel, the machining accuracy of the parts, the assembly accuracy of air end and other aspects are done in place, it can be achieved without wear.Our company’s second stage compression 4.0Mpa model has been used for many years (some machines work for more than 30000 hours), which proves that the single screw star wheel can be wear-free even under medium pressure.I think that single screw air compressor can be improved from the following points: A reasonable profile is the basis of ensuring the long life of the starwheel. The machining accuracy of parts directly affects the service life of starwheel. ƒThe selection and service life of bearings directly affect the service life of starwheel. The assembly accuracy of the air end directly affects the service life of the starwheel. There are many imperfections in the control system of single screw air compressor. It needs to design special valves and mechanisms to ensure the stability and reliability.

    There are many applicable fields of single screw compressor waiting for R & D, with a long way to go and a broad development space.CMN is willing to communicate and discuss with a large number of single screw manufacturers, jointly make products and cultivate the market,occupy the domestic market with low energy consumption, high reliability and convenient use of single screw products, and reach all over the world.