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    Our company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum equipment, and creating value for customers is our basic philosophy.Therefore, sum up long-term experience in manufacturing vacuum equipment, gather vacuum equipment R&D and manufacturing elites, absorb and digest advanced technology at home and abroad, adopt stable and brand-new processing technology, unique processing equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of vacuum equipment And interchangeability.Coupled with the international procurement of accessories, it improves the cost-effectiveness of the product.The company continues to improve supply chain management to ensure smooth product marketing and excellent overall service.
    Specialize vacuum equipment and pursue product quality from excellent to outstanding.Therefore, the company is constantly improving and perfecting the craftsmanship, continuously improving the product series, maintaining continuous product innovation and management innovation, creating a new corporate culture and excellent team, and providing strong technical support and expertise for vacuum equipment manufacturing. Overall guarantee, strive to become a first-class supplier of vacuum equipment.
    Our products include H, HL, HF, 2H series slide valve vacuum pumps, ZJC, ZJP, ZJ series Roots vacuum pumps, PQ series atmospheric jet vacuum pumps, SK, SKA, 2SK series water (liquid) ring vacuum pumps,
SV, 2X, 2XZ, 2XZ-B series rotary vane vacuum pumps and various vacuum units, vacuum systems, various vacuum valves, vacuum filters and other vacuum accessories.
    Our company managers, engineers and technicians, and employees all regard problems as challenges.We are serious, serious, and enthusiastic about the needs of users. We are a professional vacuum equipment manufacturer and supplier. We develop different vacuum technology solutions for customers of different vacuum technology applications.

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